21 Reasons Why Marriages Fail & How To Save Yours

August 13, 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Relationships are tough and marriages can be even tougher. Even the happiest couples will face difficult times in their relationship. But, it’s how they deal with these challenges that will determine whether or not their marriage survives. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 21 reasons why marriages fail, what to do when you’re faced with one of those problems. You’ll also find some tips on how to save your marriage before it’s too late!

21 Reasons Why Your Marriage Might Fail

1. Lack of Communication

One of the most important aspects of a marriage is communication. Without it, couples will have difficulty solving conflicts and creating intimacy. There may come a point in your relationship where you just stop talking to each other altogether! It’s very easy for this to happen when one or both partners starts tuning out emotionally from their partner. Talk about your feelings, thoughts, and desires with each other.

It’s important for couples to create a safe space where they can talk openly without judgment or fear of being hurt. This could be through counseling, therapy or just sitting down together at the end of every day before bed. Sometimes all you need is someone who will listen to what you have to say without interrupting or advising.

2.  Lack of Support

One thing that can really take a toll on your marriage is if one or both partners feel unsupported by their spouse. You may not be able to find the time you need to work on your relationship, because there are other demands for your attention and energy from external sources like children, friends, family members, or even careers. Most people understand why they need to put time and effort into their relationship, but it’s still hard for some people to find the motivation.

It’s important that you show your partner how much they mean to you by doing little things like showing up on a date night when your spouse clearly needs you. If there are other relationships taking precedence over yours or you’re overextended, it might be time to start saying ‘no’ more often so you can give your relationship the attention it deserves.

3.  Unending Fights & Conflicts

No relationship is perfect and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where conflict arises. When fighting occurs, it’s important to remember that there are constructive ways of dealing with the issue at hand. Research shows that couples who take time before responding when they’re angry or upset have better luck solving problems together as opposed to those who start yelling right away.

If you’re in a place where the fighting never ends, it might be time for one or both partners to work on their individual issues so they can stop taking them out on each other. You may find that your spouse is drawing from past relationships and bringing old wounds into this relationship. It’s also important to understand why certain things get under your skin and why you might be reacting a certain way.

4. Blaming Each Other

One of the worst things about a relationship is when one partner starts blaming the other for everything that happens. It’s important to remember why you or your spouse got together in the first place: because you loved each other and wanted to start building a life with them! When couples blame each other, they also put all of their energy into fighting instead of solving the problem.

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If you find yourself constantly blaming your partner, it might be time to take a step back and work on why this is happening. It could stem from fears that have been around for years or even childhood trauma that’s never healed. In order for blame to stop, both partners need to put in some effort by apologizing when they’ve acted out or why they’re feeling the way they are.

5. Unable To Resolve Conflicts

It’s natural that you and your spouse will disagree on certain topics, but there are ways to work through them. When couples can’t come to a resolution about an issue, it creates resentment which leads to the distance between partners. It might be the case that one or both of you need help figuring out why this is happening in order for any real change to happen.

It’s important for couples to not give up on the relationship anytime a conflict arises because this is what will lead you through life together. This can be why marriages fail: when one or both partners gives up on their partner and themselves, which leads them down a path they never want to revisit again.

6. Sexless Marriage

One reason why marriages fail is when sex becomes taboo or nonexistent at least once every few months or so. When this happens, there needs to be an open discussion about what’s going on in order for things to get better again.

Because if they don’t talk about this issue, it will only continue getting worse over time until something changes. That might lead to the couples separating from each other or having more interest physically towards someone else.

7.  Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is a key ingredient in any marriage. Without it, there will be no passion or attraction between partners and the love you once felt may start to fade away. You can find intimacy with your spouse through physical touch, but also mental connection by talking about what each other likes sexually so that both parties are satisfied.

Most of us think intimacy is something that only comes with sex, but it’s actually about more than just physical closeness. Intimacy includes a sense of emotional connection and openness between two people. It can also be called making oneself known to someone else or feeling safe enough around another person to reveal oneself fully without fear of being judged.

8. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is when one partner tries to undermine what the other says or does. These are usually subtle moves, but they can have a huge impact on your relationship and how you see yourself. It’s important for couples to always be honest with each other about everything that happens so there aren’t any surprises down the road.

If gaslighting has been happening in your relationship, it’s best to talk with a therapist or divorce lawyer about why this is going on and what steps you can take.

9. Overpossessive Partners

Everyone needs their space, including in a marriage! It’s important to remember that we’re individuals and deserve the same type of independence. One way this shows up is when one partner starts checking out all social media accounts or demanding information about why someone was texting on the phone.

If over-possessive behavior happens within your relationship, it’s best to have a conversation about why it’s happening. This could be due to insecurities or even lack of trust because you don’t feel like your partner is there for you when they’re with someone else.

10. Not Making Decisions Together

One of the biggest things that can lead to why marriages fail is when one or both partners are not making decisions together. When this happens, there’s a lack of trust because you’re only hearing half the story and don’t feel like your voice matters.

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It’s important for spouses to have conversations about why they want certain things before either partner makes a decision. This way, you’re both on the same page and can move forward with why you want to make these decisions together.

11. Not Spending Enough Time Together

It’s important for couples to make time for each other and have a healthy balance of spending quality time with their spouse. When you’re not making an effort in your relationship, it can lead to why marriages fail because there isn’t enough space or independence from the outside world.

When one partner starts disappearing into work 24/hrs a day or there’s always something else to do, it can lead to a failed marriage. If you don’t make time for your relationship, this is a sign that things are going downhill and the spark may be gone because one person has lost interest in their partner or vice versa.

12. Financial Issues

Financial Problems can be one of the reasons why marriages fail. Sometimes, one partner might feel like they’re not getting their needs met on the financial side and this can lead to why marriages fail because of insecurities about money or lack of trust in what’s going on.

It’s important for couples to discuss why someone wants a certain type of spending within the relationship and then why the other person wants it. This is why it’s important to be on the same page about why you want certain things and why your partner does as well so there isn’t any conflict down the road.

13. Lack of Empathy

One way why marriages fail is when one or both partners lack empathy for the other person’s feelings and needs. If this has been happening in your relationship, there should be a discussion about why it might be occurring because this could also lead to anger issues that are not being resolved by talking them out.

When one partner feels like they’re not valued or heard, it can lead to resentment and anger that is being suppressed down the road. It’s important for couples to always have a dialogue about why certain things are going on so there isn’t any misunderstanding in the future.

14. Cheating & Adultery

Cheating and adultery are one of the reasons why marriages fail. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you think in today’s society. So there’s not a surprise that it can happen to any type of couple whether they’re married or just dating.

It may be hard for some people to speak about this but if cheating has been happening within your relationship. It’s best to have an honest conversation about why this has been going on and what the future of your relationship looks like.

15. Trust Issues

Trust Issues are one of the reasons why marriages fail. It’s important to have an open and honest discussion about what these trust issues might be because this is a sign that something’s going on in your relationship.

When there’s a lack of trust, it can lead to anger or resentment as well as other problems down the road. So it’s best to have an open conversation about why this might be happening.

16. Addiction

Addiction can be a big deal-breaker for the majority of people. When one of the partners has an addiction, it tends to affect their relationships as well because mostly they’re lost in themselves not being able to be there for their partners.

The partner with the addiction might be so caught up on getting that fix that they can’t focus on anything else. This is how marriage fails over time when there isn’t enough effort being put into making things work out together.

17. Disagreements About Children

Disagreeing about children is also a common cause of divorce. When one or both partners disagree about how to raise the children, this can lead to divorce because of all the fighting and tension.

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It’s important for couples to discuss why a certain type of parenting is best so that there’s no confusion in the future. If it doesn’t work out with either partner thinking differently than the other, then marriage counseling might be another form of help that they need if things are going downhill within their relationship.

18. You’ve Stopped Making Each Other Feel Special

If you have stopped expressing your love towards each other, this can lead to one or both partners feeling like they’re not valued. In turn, it might also cause depression and other emotional issues that won’t be resolved by going back home.

One way of combating this is through doing little things each day for the person you love so they feel special again because we all want to feel appreciated in a relationship with someone else as well!

19. Giving Up On Your Dreams Together

Many people give up on their dreams when there are marriage problems happening. It’s important for couples to keep working towards those goals together even if it means sacrificing some time out of the week.

This will show your partner that you still care about what happens next in life together and how much you’ve invested into making these dreams come true.

20. You’ve Stopped Doing Things For Yourself

When one or both partners stop doing things for themselves, it can lead to resentment and anger towards the other partner. It can also lead to problems that might arise in the future if this type of behavior continues unchecked.

It’s important for couples to continue taking care of themselves so they’re not resentful towards each other. Because a lot of times when people don’t do anything special for themselves, they project their feelings onto others which causes them to be angry at everyone around them including their partner who may have done nothing wrong!

21. Violence

Violence should never be tolerated or accepted within a relationship. It’s not okay to hit, kick, punch or verbally abuse one another for any reason whatsoever because this is abusive behavior and it needs to stop as soon as possible before things escalate further!

More than that too- violence in relationships can also lead to the breakdown of marriages if this type of aggression continues unchecked.

It might take time but there are ways to recover from these types of violent behaviors such as going through marriage counseling so you can move forward together without worries about anything else happening again like physical confrontation with your partner.

10 Best Ways to Save Your Marriage Before It’s Too Late:

  1. Create space for talking: don’t fight when angry or upset.
  2. Don’t take things personally, but still listen with empathy to what the other has to say.
  3. Have patience with each other.
  4. Be vulnerable and create a safe space for each other.
  5. Don’t wait to talk about problems: recognize when you’re not communicating well with your partner or working through issues together, then talk about them before they become too big!
  6. Communicate openly and honestly with one another so that there’s no misunderstanding of how things are going in the marriage.
  7. Give both partners what they need to feel loved and cared for in the relationship.
  8. Always take time out of every day to do something special that will make your partner feel like he or she is still being valued, appreciated, and not taken for granted by you because we all want to feel this way about someone else in a relationship.
  9. Take time every week (at least!) to go on dates so that you don’t lose any of your love for one another which brought you together in the first place. Keep the spark alive!
  10. Persevere through things when it feels hard enough times when there isn’t enough effort being put in by one or both partners.