When is the Right Time to Break Up?

February 7, 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes

For some people, healthy relationships come so easy, while for others it’s like children of age five trying to solve mensuration, which seems tricky, problematic, and what-not? 

Breaking up a relationship can be difficult. However, continuing a relationship that is no longer existent is tougher. There are plenty of signs to tell you if you are just dragging a relationship or enjoying a happy one.

In case you’ve been thinking about how to know it’s time to break up yet, don’t have the foggiest idea how to assess the signs to do as such, here are a couple of markers for when is the right time to break up that let you realize it’s time to leave.

1. You need space

If you don’t have your personal space. Trust me, darling, it’s not going to work.  We have certain interests and patterns which help in living and not respecting that is what makes a relationship unhealthy. Giving them space simply means offering them time for what they enjoy doing. 

Be a Supporter, not a Sabotager.

2. You’re scared asking for your wants

Once this question starts clicking in your mind, then, yes, it’s the time for a breakup. If your partner is not able to offer you, that makes you feel content. Then question yourself “Do you guys fall for each other”? 

Love is all about making your partner surprised, happy, amazed? Isn’t it? But if you feel like asking for it, then you don’t deserve to be with that person. Instead of speaking up, you’re continuously suppressing yourself so that you don’t feel needy? 

But it’s been rightly said, “Communication is not the only key for a healthy relationship, it’s comprehension.”

“Spend your time with the person who makes your world a better place because they EXIST whole-heartedly with you, no matter what’s the TIME and situation”

3. Communication barrier

Any relationship can’t move forward happily if you can’t share what is inside you. Not everyone is a mind-reader. Honestly, if you can’t talk with your boss, then who do you want? 

And if you’re thinking that your partner can be fussy while communicating, then it’s even the clearer indicator you’re receiving. 

Trust me, it’s NOW or NEVER!

4.  You’re having trust Issues

Being able to trust is the most important and sustaining part of any relationship. A relationship evolves when we are transparent in everything with our partner. Developing a sense of security is another level of feeling. When you know someone does not doubt you, not asking you. 

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Guessing, Assumptions, Story Making are just not your thing. 

Don’t you think that continually questioning someone is irritating? Does your mother question you too, before going anywhere and you yell like I’m 18, Mom.

If you’re being questioned on everything you do every nanosecond, then remember, there’s always a right time to leave a person a relationship. Now this is YOUR time.

5. One-sided relationship

Are you the one who’s constantly giving 99% and receiving only 1%? Ask yourself: is this relationship adding anything healthy to your life? Or are you constantly regretting giving everything you have to maintain this relationship? 

Now you might be thinking, is it time to break up? Then: yes!

Remember, it’s important to have balance in everything. It’s alright that some days you’re giving 60 and your partner adds up to 40. Not every day can be the same—reciprocation plays an important role in any relationship.  Thus, if it’s one-sided and it’s you who’s constantly putting your energy and effort in, then it’s the time to move on and let the person go. 

6. Mental or physical abuse

Physical or verbal abuse in a relationship is unacceptable and should not be tolerated no matter how old the relationship is. It is not worth staying in a relationship wherein your partner now and then puts you down or exploits you emotionally, physically, or mentally. Often, domestic violence or continuous verbal abuse can deteriorate a person’s mental well-being and hurt other aspects of life.

“Settling yourself for it is like making fun of your emotions”

7. Go against your basics

Integrity and values are the basis for a person’s nature. If for some reason you have to go against your values or ethics, then this is a sign that your partner does not value your emotions and aspects you strongly believe in. A relationship is meant to uplift you and your feelings and not to put you down. Your partner should be your strength and not someone that breaks you down gradually. If that is not the case, then it is best to break up.

8. You’re lacking Intimacy

Intimacy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the relationship and keeping it alive. However, if you don’t feel like having sex with your partner or don’t feel any intimacy towards them, then it is a sign that you are having intimacy issues, which either need to be sorted out or you need to think beyond the relationship.

9. You’re seeing future which freaks out

It’s very obvious when we get love in our life, we start imagining everything with that person. From dating to the wedding, we portray everything like a fairy tale. 

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But not every story has a happy ending. Don’t you agree? If you can’t see your love in your future by any stretch of the imagination. It happens that some of us like to enjoy or prefer living in the present moment. But honestly, if you can’t imagine your partner beside you on your big day. Then it’s not a good sign. 

Ask yourself where you see yourself with this person? Are you even seeing them? Now you might be thinking it is time to break up, then: yes, it’s!

10. You’re bored

Every day is a happy day when you’re with the right person, even when your day is moving with roughness.  If you are unsatisfied regardless of doing fun things together. Don’t you think if you’re not enjoying the moment, how can you even think of the words, like “together”, forever?

It’s the time you should think of breaking up with that person.

11. You’re constantly feeling Irritated

When you start losing interest in the person, then no matter what they do to make you happy, you always get irritated. Every time your partner starts telling you something, you start feeling irritated. 

Then the time has come to settle things out by communicating and if the patterns remain the same, then you need to take yourself out of this mud.

12. You’re being Cheated

Before we enter a relationship, the vast majority say that if at any point cheated, they would walk away. I want you to answer this question – Is this how much you loved? Is this simple? Is it so easy to walk away? 

Are you frightened now? Yes, this is much more difficult than one might expect. Several questions will trigger in your mind before breaking up. 

Ask yourself – Does the person understand what he has done and up to what extent? Will you ever be able to forgive and forget that person? Is the person worth sharing life with?

Be true to yourself and you will get your answer. You can thank me later in the comment section. 

“Always remember, every flower loses petals, yet it blooms one day” So will YOU!

13. When you think it’ll get better in the future

If this question pops up in your mind a lot of times, then it’s a danger alarm. 

Wake Up! The mistakes you’re ignoring in a relationship today will become the reason for divorce or mental health instability in the future. 

Changes do take place, persons do, that’s right. But check Is your person even willing to change? If yes, what makes you so sure about it?

But before that, remember that you just can’t afford the luxury of continuously waiting for the right time in your mind. As you hold onto things like this, that’s keeping your relationship. Then start thinking because you can’t wait for the right time and miss the present, which will ultimately give shape to your future. Which seems pretty blurry with this thinking. 

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“The moment you start thinking if you deserve better: you do” 

It’s time to remove toxicity from your LIFE.

14. Your friends don’t support you

Someone has said – Love is Blind—Indeed it’s but the person who falls in love becomes even,   too. 

We even start avoiding things that demand proper attention. At this stage outside, do people like our friends and family help us in giving insight into what a person is? 

So if you’re receiving NO from every second person, then, believe me, it’s a Red Flag. You need to give a thought to it.

Sit, Relax, and Think!

15. You’re fighting all the time

Having conflicts with your partners is normal. Two-person can’t agree on every topic.  The issue comes when contentions are going on again and again. Healthy relationships include communication, and the capacity to resolve the problems by intending together.

 Battles that remain unsettled, even after giving multiple chances and communicating, don’t deserve your energy and time. Rather than spending time arguing with your partner, it might be a time to break up.

“Stay close with someone who makes you feel glad every day that you make them feel ALIVE”

16. You’re taken for granted

Being in a sound relationship requires focusing on one another, and that can’t occur when one individual feels like they’re being underestimated. If you don’t give a what your partner is feeling and going through and what hurts. Then there’s no point in sharing your life with that person. 

It’s important to know where to invest time, energy, and emotions.

 But you know what’s more important? – “To invest in the right person”.

Always remember that you deserve everything in this universe.

“ You deserve to be loved, 

You deserve to be appreciated for your efforts, 

You deserve to feel content, 

You deserve someone who’s 100% into YOU”.

Always give effort to those things which make you feel happy to be alive. If you’re constantly in the position of justifying yourself, then you’re standing at the wrong place.

There’s always a difference between standing up for yourself and getting mean. People give this mean tag once they start seeing that you deserve better and they fail to match that level. Your mental health is a priority, your existence is a priority. Breaking up with the person may not be easy and it might take time, but once you out yourself from that toxicity, you’ll notice it was all worth it.