5 Tips for Separated Parents During Covid-19

January 29, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In 2020, there were about 2.71 million people who had obtained a legal divorce in Canada.


These unprecedented times have created extra stress and pressure among co-parents regarding fulfilling their co-parenting responsibilities and obligations as per the custody. Whether it’s a father who promised the children to take them for a summer trip or a mother who was supposed to spend the upcoming six months with the children according to the custody cycle, the lockdown and stringent travel restrictions have made it increasingly challenging for co-parents to fulfill the responsibilities and spend quality time with the child(ren).

We have a few tips to help separated parents work through this challenging time and manage their co-parenting responsibilities.

  1. Fulfil Your Legal Obligations

These difficult times demand strict adherence to the social distancing norms, and to abide by these social distancing practices; there are high chances of social activities being called off, giving you lesser opportunity to meet the child(ren) while living away from them.

To meet your obligation while also ensuring social distancing for the health security of your, your ex-partner, and the children, start looking for alternative solutions to stay connected with your child(ren). Look for digital games and communication channels to keep in touch and make them understand the situation’s seriousness and process the information coming from different sources.

  1. Be More Considerate and Communicative

Be in the other parent’s shoes before getting stressed up and reacting more than required in the middle of the crisis wherein every person is clueless about the way ahead. Stay in constant communication regarding the health updates of the ex-partner and child(ren) and how you’ll be shielding the children to minimize the exposure to the virus.

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It is also crucial to improve the listening skills and be considerate about each other’s tips, approaches, and self-isolation plan in case anyone starts showing the symptoms.

  1. Find Solutions

The year has already been challenging enough for all of us. Making it more difficult for others by not setting aside the differences and past grudges between the co-parents will just make it more complicated.

Look for solutions rather than resorting to court for dispute settlement or just to prove your point right. The time right now is to find new solutions to solve the old issues. 

  1. Stay Positive

Rome was not built in a day! Every problematic situation needs its course of time to get sorted. The increasing uncertainty and COVID-19 cases across the globe have made one thing sure- it is not going to resolve overnight.

Hence, what best we can do is to make a sincere, consistent, and conscious effort to maintain constant communication with the other parent and the child(ren) and get the best out of this challenging situation.

  1. Be Helpful

With lots of people losing their jobs and the furlough rates increasing with each passing day, it’s pivotal for you as a co-parent to be helpful in your best capacity. The other parent might not be on good terms with you due to past experiences, but the challenging times require you to understand the situation and support him/her as well as the child(ren) in your best possible way.