How to Tell People You Are Getting Divorced?

April 23, 2021

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So, you’ve personally taken the major decision to split up, and after that, you’re going to face the biggest hurdle in your pursuit of, move on with life. It is telling your family and friends about divorce, which is challenging for everyone. 

The reason being, some people will support your decision and stand behind you, while others will suggest that you’ve made a blunder and you two should get back together. 

In this article, we’ve curated a mini-guide on how to announce divorce with confidence. So, scroll down and have a look: 

Telling Your Family About Divorce

First comes the family. If the divorce has been non-adversarial, it would be a good idea that you two talk to the family and break the divorce news. If both of you behave like an adult, your family will understand that this decision is mutually beneficial. 

Explain everything in detail, the reason for divorce. For instance, you wish to move to Vancouver, while she wants to stay in Toronto for her corporate job, and vice versa. So, you and your partner have decided to get a divorce. 

In case the divorce has been happening under challenging scenarios — such as you found your partner cheating on you — then taking your partner may not be the right decision, and you both may end up fighting. If you tell your family about divorce, make sure you are calm, relaxed, and have no anxiety. Never make the mistake of telling that your partner was a jerk, and you made the biggest mistake of your life by marrying him/her. Doing so, you’re going to hurt your family even more. If your marriage hasn’t been happy since the beginning, your parents would know about it and probably react to this news positively, and back you to finally getting a divorce. 

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The whole idea is to ask your family to give you support during the toughest time of your life, but never dictate to change their behavior towards your spouse. You need to be conscious of your family history. For instance, your dad has left your mom for some other woman, then breaking the news of your divorce to your single mom could be complex. So, respect this and be careful not to hurt their feelings. 

If one of your family members is not behind you and tends to support your former mate, then let them know you’re hurt, and they better should rethink their decision. 

Telling Friends About Divorce

As a matter of truth, a divorce is a public event, the people you least expect feel obligated to talk about your marriage. And, you probably won’t be able to predict the response of your friends towards your divorce. One thing is for sure if they’re your true friends, they’ll support you no matter what. 

You’ve to determine the nature of your relationships based on their connections with your ex. If some of your friends were introduced to you by your former mate post-marriage, you’ve to be careful about breaking the divorce news. Avoid telling the details, such as cheating, as people may end up making fun of you, and such news spread like a forest fire. 

If you are not comfortable making the divorce announcement, you can write it and send it in a letter to some of the closest friends. The divorce announcement wording has to be clear and no-offensive, but write a long letter, but a short note. It can be like, “after thorough consideration with my spouse, we two have decided to split up, and we hope you give us your blessings and support.” For divorce letters to mutual friends, get your partner involved, take their advice, and even send them the divorce announcement letter template; there must not be hard feelings. 

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Telling Your Boss or Co-Workers

Divorce is a personal issue, and you wonder why to tell your boss or co-workers about it. But, it is imperative, as your decision to split up with someone who is considered to be the love of your life would have an immediate effect on your professional life. If your boss knows about your divorce, you can easily seek full-day or half-day leave approval for consulting a therapist or a mediator. Moreover, they’ll understand your sudden decrease in work productivity and may offer you to go on a break to rejuvenate your mind. 

If you break your divorce news to your co-workers, you’ll feel lighthearted that you’ve nothing to hide from them, and you can behave normally. But, in case some of your co-workers decide to chatter about your divorce in the entire office, then make sure you sit down with them and let them know it is not right and they’ve to stop it immediately. 

Answering the Questions

There would inevitably be questions hurled at your way, so be ready to answer them honestly and direct. Some of your family members may ask you a couple of uncomfortable questions, what you’ll do now? How will you pay for a home mortgage? Did they cheat on you? If you don’t want to answer, say it straight away, don’t hesitate, it’s your personal life, and nobody has the right to interfere. 

Apart from questions, they make negative comments for you and your partner. You can decline to respond to their comment or give a befitting reply. Whatever you opt for, do it with absolute confidence; whatever it’s your life, your decision. And, finally will try to give you unsolicited advice, be firm and polite to toss it in the trash bin. 

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Let’s Wind Up

In the end, we hope that you two try everything possible to make your marriage work. In case it’s not possible, then you use this helpful guide on how to announce divorce. If you’ve something to share from your personal experience, connect with us via the comment section below.