21 Signs You’re Married To A Narcissist

August 3, 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Wondering or getting hints that you are married to a narcissist person? Being in a relationship with a narcissist is challenging. One always has to push themselves to align with the standards of a narcissist and meet their intense demand. 

And, what’s worse, many are unaware that they have tied the knot with a partner having serious narcissistic characteristics. 

Fortunately, in this article, we will be enlisting the twenty-one telling signs that you have been married to a narcissist. So, let’s scroll down and learn about these signs:-

#1 He/She Thinks They are The Best

The most prevalent characteristic of a narcissist is that they regard themselves their best, the superior in their race. Such a partner will always tell you what makes them the best; have an inflated view of self. 

They lack empathy and will leave no stone unturned to maintain a self-feeling of entitlement. 

#2 The Inability to Handle Criticism

Another probable sign that you have chosen a narcissist to be your life partner is their ability to deal with any sort of criticism, in fact, even the slightest one, such as you telling them they are not looking good in this short. 

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Narcissists have a habit of immediately getting in the defensive mode. Even when you haven’t attacked them directly, they will go that extra mile to attack you in every way possible. 

#3 Lack of Empathy

The narcissist has little to no empathy; that’s something in their DNA. Why? Because they are always focused on their needs and self-image, why do they care about others? Although you make genuine efforts to educate them on empathy, they understand at a theoretical level, not emotional. 

#4 Anger Outbursts

Most people with narcissist behavior have black and white thinking. If they feel something is not right, they will lash out at their partner without thinking about anything else. So, if your spouse has frequent anger issues? Then the odds are high that you are married to a narcissist. 

#5 Blaming Others

As we said earlier, narcissists regard themselves as the superior ones. They put all the blame on their partner for every wrongdoing. Even when they are at fault, they will project you, or someone else is responsible for it. 

#6 Don’t Believe they are Narcissist

A narcissist would never say he/she has narcissistic behavior and take your help to resolve it. And if you try too hard, your relationship will run the risk of getting broken.

#7 Make You Feel Jealous

Apart from parsing others, individuals with narcissistic characteristics will talk good about their ex and even flirt with them in front of you. This is not by chance but a strategic move to make you feel jealous and love them more. 

#8 Criticize You

A narcissist will always criticize their partner, be it parenting or preparing meals for the family. And, what’s worse is that they are not involved with you to take care of home and family. They will have all kinds of excuses to stay away from the responsibilities of a married person. 

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#9 They Don’t Love You

During the dating phase, you are the most special person in your life. They used to give you flowers, chat with you all night, and do whatever they wanted. But, now, after marriage, these things have changed. They are not the same. Why? They don’t feel the need to win you because they have conquered you. 

#10 Impatient

The narcissists lack patience. They can’t even wait a few minutes extra at the dining table while you prepare food. They can’t wait for you to finish shipping at the mall. An impatient person may be a narcissist. 

#11 Don’t Keep Promises

Narcissists are not good at keeping their promises. They will promise you that they will do this for you, and the next day they forget anything about the promise. 

#12 They Want only the Best

The narcissist never wants to settle for less. They will buy items of high-end brands, even by risking going into debt. They believe the outward image should be better than the inner reality.

#13 Spend Hours on Appearance

Narcissists have an uncanny ability to spend hours to make sure they look perfect. Even they want their family members to appear good, and it matters a lot to them. 

#14 Showing Off on Social Media

Someone with narcissistic behavior can not stop themselves from showing off over social media. They will promote their self-image like a big brand. 

#15 They Needs Matter

Narcissists are not afraid to plan their partner’s life around their needs. Whether to have kids or buy a new home, everything depends on what your narcissist partner wants to achieve in life. 

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#16 They Take Everything Personally

Like a child, a narcissist has to be pampered; People around him/her must recognize them for their greatness. And, if you disagree, you will be facing their anger, and your marriage may fall apart. 

#17 They Are Always Right

Ask a narcissist; they will never say they are wrong, even if you point out their fault. They are simply not ready to believe that something they said is not true. They perpetually try to put themselves in the right spot by proving their point correct anyhow.

#18 They are Manipulative 

Manipulation is art, and narcissists are the artist. They will not talk to you, block you on social media, reject your calls, and leave the house for long periods. All this is done to accept whatever they are doing. 

#19 Holds Grudges

‘These narcissists carry grudges till the end of their lifetime. These grudges stay in their mind and heart until revenge has been achieved. Rather than prioritizing peace in relationships, they focus on getting vengeance due to past grievances.

#20 Embellishes Stories

They will always tell you their achievement stories, even if they are fake. Being a narcissist, they love to brag  about themselves and their achievements, even if they are not notable ones.

#21 Always Giving Advice

They will always give you advice, even if it’s least required. Plus, they would never be interested in taking any in return. 

Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist? How was the experience? Share with us through the comment section below. Our readers would love to hear your story!