How to Know When to Walk Away From Sexless Marriage?

May 7, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Although marriage isn’t all about sex, physical intimacy helps in cultivating love & affection. It is a means to express love & care for each other without uttering a word. Sex is the driving force for a happy married couple’s life. However, marriages sometimes become monotonous, with no physical connection. For instance, both husband and wife are merely performing their responsibilities in the name of marriage, and there is no physical connection. And, this is the time when one or both partners seek out an extramarital affair to satisfy their sexual desires. 

So, when do you know you should walk away from your marriage? Well, when your partner stops thinking about your emotional or sexual needs, or make you feel unwanted all the time, or you haven’t engaged in any sexual activity for months without apparent reason, and you haven’t been on good terms lately, these are the signs that your marriage is doomed and you should walk way from sexless marriage.

In a nutshell, sex helps in focusing on one relationship. Do you, too, feel your marriage has become sexless? But, not sure whether you should end it or not. Here, in this article, we’ve rounded up signs that your marriage is sexless, and you must walk away from it. 

#1 Your Partner Feels Like a Roommate

Couples tend to underestimate the importance of physical intimacy in a long-term relationship. During the initial days, both the partners make efforts to groom and dress to appear desirable for sex to each other. 

But, now things have changed; your partner is living with you like a roommate. They returned from the office on a busy day and slept next to you; no kissing and no cuddling.

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#2 Not Talking About Sex

Don’t feel timid. In a happy married couple’s life, talking about sex is an integral part. If you too aren’t thinking and having an open conversation about sex, then, believe me, you two are going to have a long sexless period. Open is key to understanding what you two like in bed; without it, the marriage can’t flourish. So, if your partner is not in talking about sex for hours, then the chances you are in a sexless marriage, and this is the time, you should consider, no sex in marriage grounds for divorce.

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#3 Giving All the Time & Energy to Kids

Yes, you’ve kids now, as parents you love them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have sex even once a week. So, if your partner comes back from the office, just to express their love and emotions for kids, and when they see you, there’s no spark. 

You two are not connecting romantically and sensually; then it is a red flag that your marriage is moving in the direction of being dull and sexless.

#4 No Erotic Scenes on Movie Together

The sex scenes in the moves tend to ignite the mojo between couples to start the bed on fire. You may see something you fantasize about trying with your partner or the feeling of sex arouses. But, if your partner gets uncomfortable and often changes the channel, then this indicates a problem with your sex life. 

Being able to enjoy erotic moves shown in a movie is a sign of good sexual health. So, if your partner is not interested in watching sex scenes with you, maybe they are not attracted to you. And, this could be one of the biggest reasons for divorce due to sexless marriage.

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#4 There is No Flirting

Is your partner not flirting with you, no erotic energy in the house? Partners make eye contact, use body language, and other signs of getting flirty with their partner to turn on their partner. 

They leave hints outside the bedroom to have sex with their partner. If such flirting is missing from your marriage, then you have to think about your relationship seriously. 

#5 No Touching, No Kissing

Another prominent sign your marriage has no intimate connection that your partner never touches you inside and outside the bedroom. You two don’t cuddle in the bedroom before sleeping or hold hands while watching a movie. 

#6 Boring Bedtime

If your partner spends most of the time in bed indulged in scrolling the social media feeds and there is nothing else left to do other than sleeping, you need to consider this as a meaningful sign. More so, when they get annoyed that you disturb them from their phone activities, rather than learning that they must keep you happy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How to Repair a Sexless Marriage?

Make efforts to get your marriage to what it was some years back. You can seek a marriage counsellor. It would be best if your partner is ready to company you for sessions. A counsellor will thoroughly listen to both of you and often figure out where the problem is. Is it the lack of love between the couple or just two people finding it tough to run the errands of life? The counsellor will give their valuable advice and tips you can implement to fix the problem and bring back those long nights of sex like crazy. 

Should You Stay In Sexless Marriage?

The decision to stay in a sexless marriage is not one that takes place overnight. It’s usually the result of years of being tired, frustrated, or lonely, and will take time (and patience) to work through. Plus there are many other important factors at play – how much you care for your spouse, how well do they communicate with each other, their emotional intimacy skills – so figuring out whether you should stay in a sexless marriage is not something that can be answered by an article on the internet!

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Regardless of what decision you make though it’s important that both spouses understand all the consequences before deciding to suffer through another day feeling neglected. If either party is struggling with accepting any type of change then don’t push it and make a decision that you both can live by.

How to End a Sexless Marriage?

In the end, before taking a big step of filing a sexless marriage divorce, you must sit down with your partner and talk about this. There is often a case- your partner is struggling to cope up with their professional life and pressure to meet ends, leading to sexlessness. You must work out a set schedule and try new things to get your marriage back on track.

The only way to end a sexless marriage is to talk it through and decide how you want to move forward. Of course, there may be other things going on in the relationship that are impacting your sexual desire for one another. If you’re generally unhappy or unsatisfied with your life outside of the bedroom, for example, then it will most likely transfer into the bedroom. There’s also a risk that if neither person has brought up their lack of intimacy due to fear of hurting the other’s feelings or being judged by their partner.

Now more than ever it’s necessary for partners who have lost any element of physical closeness in a relationship to communicate about what they want sexually from each other as well as what they need from one.

And, finally, if things still don’t get better, it means your partner is no more in love with you, and you are free to opt for a no-sex divorce.