MyDivorcePapers Review – A Complete Guide

July 25, 2021

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Planning for divorce already gives pain and anxiety. The whole divorce process involves a lot of trouble and whatnot. After making up their mind, no one likes to wait to end the toxic relationship.

Indeed, getting an online divorce service is so hassle-free and a great way to save your resources. However, just looking at choosing the suitable dish on the food table involves a lot of emotions. Just like that, choosing the exemplary divorce service can save your life and the most important, your mental peace.

This article is a mixture of all the facts that you need to know about the most promising divorce service company since 2002. is the savior for couples who’re planning to file for divorce. So let’s quickly dive into it.

How MyDivorcePapers Functions? started in 2002 to provide its service in the dissolution of marriage. The main motto of this site is to help couples in filing their divorce papers. The site has helped more than 1 million customers.

You have to follow three simple steps, and you’re good to go. Let’s check those steps and understand them in a detailed manner.

Create an Account

The first thing is to create your account just like we do for every site. After completing your registration process, you need to enter the state where either spouse resides as it will help you further fill out the correct packet of forms. The best thing is if you both live in different locations, then you have the option of choosing the state which has the most uncomplicated process with a lesser waiting period. 

Play the Quiz

After completing the registration process, they provide you with a quiz to understand your situation or the level of the case. Wait! You have time to complete this Q/A round. You’re all the information is secured with them. 

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Don’t worry! The site never asks you to complete the Q/A again. This makes it a more accessible platform to work. Don’t worry. promises to walk with you throughout the process. 

Time to Fill Documents

Once you qualify for the online quiz, you’re now one step ahead in filing your divorce. MyDivorcePapers will either deliver the divorce filing forms to you, or they have the option of mailing you. As per the guidelines, file all your documents with the court. You can enjoy the option of filing the documents through fax or email without ever visiting the court. However, it completely varies from state to state. 

What services MyDivorcePapers Provides?

MyDivorcePapers guarantees their clients the below-listed services. Let’s read maybe your wishlist matches the provided list. 

  • All-State Approved Forms
  • Unlimited updates in documents
  • Live Chat Support
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Court Approved Forms
  • Online Completion of forms
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Instructions on serving your spouse
  • Case Manager
  • File an annulment
  • No cost parenting plan
  • Alimony Calculator

How much does MyDivorcePapers charge?

MyDivorcePapers is the most budget-friendly divorce filing site on the web. They charge a $159 one-time charge to get ready and audit your legal papers. In a real sense, save your thousands in separate expenses while going about it at the conventional rate. For the cost of $159 by providing you the standard package, which includes all the preparation of forms, calculation alimony, providing your case manager, and many other benefits.

Did You Know?

MyDivorcePapers is currently providing services at a discounted rate. Completion of divorce form at just $139.

The site accepts all major debit and credit cards for the fee payment. It claims to provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee. Which makes it sounds more authentic than other service providers on the web.

What makes MyDivorcePapers Unique?

To make sure you choose your options wisely, we have listed the pros of choosing my divorce papers over other sites. So let’s check what it offers:

  1. Firstly, the process is highly intuitive. It works exclusively on the answers provided by you.
  2. It guarantees that all the forms will be up-to-date, error-free filled, and indeed be accepted by the court.
  3. You have access for two years to make unlimited revisions in your forms.
  4. Works best in an uncontested divorce as it cuts out expensive attorneys fees and long battles.
  5. Different states have different legal procedures and paperwork. Therefore, it provides a vast library of legal processes to its clients.
  6. They work super fast when it comes to the Completion of filing divorce papers.
  7. MyDivorcePaper provides free name change services for wives.
  8. MyDivorcePaper helps families in setting up the Parenting Plans.
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Optional services offered by MDP at additional cost

To lessen your burden, MDP extends its services to customers who are willing to pay additional charges. Therefore, the clients can avail following the services provided by the MDP.

  1. Form Filing at the Courthouse.
  2. Serving divorce papers to your spouse
  3. Revocation of Power of Attorney
  4. Completion of PET Custody Agreement
  5. Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  6. Living Will

Who should choose MyDivorcePapers?

If you and your spouse have come up with all the agreements and the settlements, then MyDivorcePapers is the right fit. They work best in uncontested divorce cases. 

Uncontested divorces are less complicated and do not involve attorneys. 

But it’s definitely not an excellent fit for a contested divorce case, as it involves disagreements, it can be on child support, proper division, etc. This complication is not suitable for the online filing of the case. It’s best to look for the offline touch. Even though MyDivorcePapers provides full assistance, it’s better to approach local attorneys to come out with better options.

Limitations of using MyDivorcePapers

Every site has its pros and cons. Therefore, before choosing, it’s better to learn about all the good and wrong things. Ignoring the cons can lead you to irritation and hindrances in the process functioning.

  • People don’t always like filing essential documents online. Sometimes, they choose physical touch to make the person understand the emotional stage.
  • In case of a contested divorce, the online platforms don’t generally work. 
  • It does not provide personal assistance, rights, obligations, or remedies under the laws of any state.
  • MyDivorcePapers never advises any person or entity on representing themselves in court.
  • Its Parent company, Divorce Papers, has a Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating of A while A’s rating.
  • They sometimes charge additional fees which are not disclosable at the beginning of the process.

Does MyDivorcePapers offer any Guarantee?

Yes, when it comes to providing a guarantee, the site aims at rendering different sorts of promises. Indeed, at the time of divorce, paper filing, when something/someone claims to provide you a guarantee, gives us an extra level of securement. Furthermore, it burns out our stress level. 

  1. MyDivorcePapers gives a 100% money-back guarantee in case your documents get rejected by mistake from their end.
  2. It provides complete pleading and forms acceptable to various divorce courts in the United States.
  3. It offers up-to-date divorce documents.
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Additionally, MDP offers no refund for the below-mentioned cases. 

  • Your spouse has already filed for divorce
  • If you change your mind about the divorce
  • After you have accessed the forms and no longer want to take MDP services
  • The customer found another competitor

If you want to prepare your divorce papers using the platform, you can save flat $10 by following this link.

MyDivorcePapers Reviews Online

To give you complete insight and to make your choices loud and clear. We have compiled my divorce papers online review given to the MDP while rendering its services to the customers.

  1. The question format made it easy to complete the necessary documents for a divorce in South Carolina. Thank you for your product. (Says Tom).
  2. They are on it! Good there! They are rare types that you don’t see anymore. (Says Patrick)
  3. Keep doing what you do best.

I believe that you make everything so easy. No crowd, no hassle. No lines. Everything is done in the privacy of one’s own home or office. We can talk if there’s a question. keep doing what you do best, and grow from strength to strength. ( Says Flaseta Morgan)

In a nutshell, Firstly, I would say that just like everything has some advantages and disadvantages. The MDP site also holds the same thing. But, that does not count in providing poor services. We have covered both averages, worst and excellent starred reviews with you to give you the exact picture. Besides that, it also depends on the cases as well as the circumstances.

So, an essential thing while opting out is to keep in mind mydivorcepapers review. Hence, don’t forget to keep your suitability like what your case demands. It may be possible to provide all the services you’re searching for.