How To Outplay A Narcissist?

August 28, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

You must be tired of seeing a narcissist all around you. Indeed! There’s no doubt about it. But, unfortunately, each one of us has a narcissist in our life. Narcissists like to control everything as per their liking. However, the things they find uncontrollable, they start blaming others for it. 

This blog is about how to outplay a narcissist. Before we start, you should know that you’re dealing with someone who has a strong sense of self-importance, experiencing fantasies about glory, exaggerating self abilities, and a lot more.  

On the other hand, trying to outplay a narcissist can sometimes be tricky as, firstly, you need yourself to be entirely healed from their manipulation. However, seeing a person getting a taste of their own medicine is such a soothing feeling. 

Narcissists are the people we don’t choose to live with; it’s just they are there. Frankly saying, we all are stuck with at least one narcissist. Therefore it’s essential to know how to survive with them. So, how to outplay a narcissist? Check out some of the strategies by reading this complete blog.

Who’s a Narcissist?

Narcissism and narcissistic traits can be seen in a relationship in a wide range of ways. For example, a narcissist always wants to be the focal point of consideration consistently, and when not given importance, can go mad after it. 

Talking about an event that made you upset by them is a complete waste of time. But you might be thinking now, why? Because that person is not going to hear your aspect. Rather than get stuck at that one time when you insulted him back in 1990s.

 So, if you’re the one who’s thinking more of other’s emotions, not able to set your boundaries, then, believe me, you’re the perfect bait for a narcissist.

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Does this mean you need to change your whole character to figure out how to outplay a narcissist? Of course not.

How to outplay/beat a narcissist?

1. First Be Yourself

Being with yourself is crucial. So when you come into contact with somebody, how often do you feel like you’re just not being yourself for the sake of meeting their criteria to look up to a thing

Ask yourself questions: 

  • “Would I be able to be with myself completely and totally?” 
  • “Would I be able to regard my limits and own viewpoints?” 

The option to respond to these questions prevents you from turning into a chameleon, which is what narcissistic individuals are after. If you’re changing yourself to address the other individual’s issues while leaving your own, then, at that point, you’re running directly into a relationship where you won’t ever feel satisfied. When you do that, you’ll spot narcissists coming your way.

2.  Don’t Feed Their Ego

Remember, narcissists have a noteworthy self-appreciation, and when you toss various verbal praises at that personality, you empower that unsteady feeble psyche. When you feed a person’s Ego, they don’t hear your sugar-coated compliments; instead, you praise the Ego every time. So instead, a narcissist hears how much better they are over you. Therefore, once you stop feeding a narcissist, they will not have the energy to attack your emotions later. 

3.  Be Manipulative

To turn out the tables, use narcissists’ manipulative techniques to give the taste of their snack food. Spoil them with your love and care. Exactly the way they dreamt of. Support like a ladder helps them in attaining the level they always fantasize about. But don’t forget your true goal. Don’t even give them a hint or clue why exactly you’re doing it. Then, when they least expect it, it’s time to move forward without providing any explanation. Be unapologetic about how you manage to regain your peace.

3. Don’t give negative attention.

Narcissists never take responsibility for their emotions. Just like a 15-year-old teenager, narcissists love getting attention. Positive attention works wonders for the narcissist, but negative attention is crucial to their ability. When you give them that attention, they hold it over your head. Therefore, they need you to provide them with negative attention as a method for the strikeout at you. Thus, if you are the closest to the narcissist, you are the easiest target of negative attention. Therefore, a narcissist will ensure you stay close by. As, after all, who would handle such nonsense?

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4. Don’t reach up to their level.

Narcissists love indulging in unnecessary fights as they push your buttons. As they also need someone to play a blame game with them. After every war, it’s you who has lost all control. In this situation, be cool. Don’t reach, don’t answer, remain silent. You need to familiarize yourself with emotional intelligence. It will help if you control your emotions as a narcissist is never going to do that.

5. Be mindful of their nature.

This is the easiest way to beat out any narcissist. Try not to allow anybody to reveal to you anything about yourself that isn’t correct. Don’t trust them. They have caught you in their manipulation because you are the individual who will accept anything. Never forget that – Narcissists go chasing for suitable prey. They target weak-minded people the most—those who don’t have a strong self-appreciation or any set boundaries.

6. See How They Mentally Abuse.

The ideal approach to beat narcissists is to open your eyes and become mindful of their mental abuse. Unfortunately, the narcissist constantly searches for sympathetic individuals who get trapped in narcissists’ networks. They focus and study individuals and their behavior, emotional state, self-appreciation, and confidence. They realize how to pick the ideal prey. Hence, wake up from your sweet, easy-going world and recognize the truth about a narcissist: a manipulative, mental health abuser.

How to break a narcissist down?

When narcissists surround you, there’s always a saturation level when you want to look into ways to trick narcissists or break a narcissist down. Because usually, what happens is you get fed up by listening to their rants all the time. So this is how you can win the situation to attain your mental peace.

  • Always keep in mind that whenever a narcissist tries to bait you- It means they want your emotional response. So don’t give them any emotional sort of response. Please don’t give them that exact thrill. Instead, stay in your power, calm, and most importantly, control your emotions.
  • Apologies will always backfire on you! Right off the bat, it’s awful for your confidence to continually make yourself wrong – and not defend for what you deserve! In addition, when you apologize, you are essentially taking care of your narcissist’s conscience. They will practically hear that you are revealing to them that they are great – and conversely, you are imperfect, shaky, objective for a more significant amount of their control! 
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So what’s your superpower to get you to quit saying ‘sorry’? Develop your confidence! You deserve the best!!

It’s essential to know your needs and to set your boundaries. Once you know what you’ll accept and what you’ll not accept, it will make your life easier. It doesn’t end here. Now clearly communicate your needs to a narcissistic person. This way, when your narcissist busts your boundaries, you can attack back to shut them down. Never reply verbally. It will exaggerate the argument; instead, write it down on paper.


To deal with narcissism, first work on how to control your emotions. Give your emotional intelligence a quick overview and how you can use it to control yourself. You can’t change a narcissistic person by giving them whatever they ask for by changing yourself. Because frankly speaking, they are never going to be thankful. No matter how much you try or give out to them by putting your life and emotions aside. 

“Narcissists can never feel content in any relationship or any part of their lives because nothing is enough for them.”

They are not even enough for themselves. Everything a narcissist does is right. Hence, the best way is to offer no explanations to them, no more chances. Reach out to your loved ones in case you need mental assistance.