How To Know If My Wife Is Serious About Divorce

October 8, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Divorce rates are constantly increasing. You might also worry that your relationship could be in danger. There can be many reasons for this. However, if you identify the signs and take necessary actions, you can save your relationship. There can be many signs which show that your wife is unhappy with your relationship, and she might file a divorce. You should be very careful about those signs and take action so that you both have time to solve the issue mutually. Because once your wife gets serious about the divorce, it will be tough for you to convince her and save your family. A divorce will not only affect you, but it will affect your kids too. Hence, it is essential to understand the signs of your wife. 

Constant arguments

Arguments are the first alarm of a divorce. Though it is common for partners to have arguments, it may become dangerous for your relationship if those arguments become more frequent. You should always try to avoid arguments, especially when you think they are happening daily. Try to say things politely. Moreover, become a good listener. If you patiently listen to what your partner says, you will understand their point of view. It will improve your and your partner’s understanding and strengthen your relationship. So, if your wife constantly fights with you, then it means that she can be earnest about the divorce. 

Less communication

Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Communication improves the understanding between you and your partner. It also helps in developing trust among you guys. So, if you feel that your wife is ignoring you, then there is something wrong with your relationship. Maybe your wife is doing it to stay away from daily fights. But this is not going to help in the long run. Things will start piling up and will make the situation critical. So you should always try to improve the communication between you and your partner. Otherwise, it will become a reason for your separation.

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Lying more often

Honesty is essential to maintain an honest relationship. Transparency should be there for each and everything. You should not be secretive about anything from your partner. So if you feel that your wife is lying more often to you, then obviously, there is something wrong going on. Maybe she is trying to start her new life or may have found someone else. You should try to confront this with your wife. Otherwise, you and your wife will grow apart, and divorce will become the only available option. So, if your wife is telling more lies, she is probably considering a divorce and is very serious about it. 

Emotionally Distant

Emotional bonding is an essential requirement of a good and healthy marriage. Emotional bonding means how much your partner cares about you. So, if your wife has stopped caring for you, it might mean that she is getting emotionally detached from you. Moreover, if she becomes carefree about what you are doing and where you are going, it is also a sign of emotional distance. And if you get emotionally distant, you may never love each other. Also, this is one of the primary reasons for divorce these days.

Spending less time with you

Spending quality time together is a sign of a healthy relationship. When you guys spend time together, go out for dates, watch movies, etc., it strengthens your bond. And this bond is essential to continue a marriage. Unfortunately, in some cases, couples usually spend time together for the first few years of marriage and then get bored of each other. That became the reason for their divorce. Therefore, you should never let the spark of love disappear. So, if your wife is spending more time in the office or outside the home, then it may be possible that she is getting ready for a divorce. Try talking to your wife about it and ensuring it does not get too late if you observe this. 

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Less physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is also an essential part of a marriage. Physical intimacy does not always mean sex, but it includes small gestures like hugs, kisses, and cuddles. It reinforces the connection between you and your wife. Therefore, if you notice that your wife is not interested in physical intimacy, it can be a problem for your marriage. There must be something wrong going on with the marriage that makes her do so. It may also mean that your wife is considering a divorce and getting serious about it. This problem can be solved by talking to your partner or a therapist.

Focusing too much on her appearance

It is usual for women to focus on their appearance. But, if your wife has suddenly started doing so, then it can be a problem. If she buys new clothes, joins a gym, or does anything that improves her attractiveness, she is preparing to start a new life. So, do not directly jump to the conclusion. First, try to look for other possible reasons, but if things look fishy, do work on it. For this reason, if your wife is focusing too much on her appearance, it might mean that she will start a new life and is very serious about the divorce. 

Needs more privacy

Everyone needs privacy, but too much of it can be a sign of a forthcoming divorce. Of course, everyone needs personal space, and you should also give that to your wife. But if you feel that suddenly your wife has started seeking more privacy, then it can be a red flag for you. Moreover, signs of privacy include secret meetings, locked phones, and laptops, etc. These signs might show that your wife is having an affair, but it can also mean preparing for a divorce. So, be careful if you observe this sudden secretive behavior of your wife.   

Spying on you

If you feel that you are being looked at continuously, your wife may be spying on you. In some divorce cases, wives hire private spies to spy on them and collect evidence for the divorce. Moreover, if she constantly checks your phone or laptop or asks too many questions, it shows that she is trying to find something that helps her in the divorce. Also, she may enquire about you from your friends, relatives or colleagues. So, if such things happen, it shows that your wife is very seriously planning a divorce.

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Always busy reading research papers and finding attorneys

Whenever someone is actually ready for divorce and planning for it, they read research papers related to divorce and look for a good lawyer, so be careful if you see your wife spending too much time online reading research papers or articles on divorce. She has probably made her decision and is soon going to file for divorce. Moreover, if she has already started looking for an attorney, then there is nothing you can do now. It is the last step before someone officially files for divorce. So, it is time for you to be ready to face a divorce.


It is usually tough to identify the signs that your wife is serious about divorce. You might be very busy in your own life and do not focus on these signs. But this will cost you your relationship. Therefore, it is essential to look for signs at the right time and take action accordingly. Some of these signs are visible, like a sudden change in appearance, frequent arguments, less physical and emotional intimacy. 

Meanwhile, some signs can be challenging to notice, like emotional disengagement, spying by your partner, etc. You should know the criticality of understanding these signs at the right time. All of these signs show that your wife is serious about divorce. Also, do not jump to conclusions directly. First, sit and talk with your partner about the issues and try to do everything that can save your relationship.