How to Keep it Together at Work When Your Marriage is Falling Apart

March 30, 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Nobody other than you can guess if your marriage is on the verge of falling apart or not. The sense of that fear is truly devastating, and the stress is at its peak. With your love life dropping aloof, everything else in the world seems to be on the rocks. 

One-time separation can be challenging but having your heart break down on a frequent basis is quite overwhelming. Impacts can be even terrible if you and your partner are working in the same office, and the one that get affected due to the same is your work life. After all, the ‘leave your stress at home’ attitude cannot always be a possibility. 

It’s hard to bold the line of the difference between your professional and personal life, especially when dealing you’re dealing with something as huge as thi at home. You can’t always have a wide smile, and greeting face while your heart is enduring a storm of emotions. However, letting the work suffer due to personal stress should also not be an option. 

After inhaling all the problems and challenges, you might now be wondering for a solution to exhale them out. So before you freak-out about your marriage falling apart, let’s put the focus straight to the point. 

Even though there are no clear set of guidelines laid down for you to deal with your to-be-ex partner at work, we have put together a bunch of tips that can be of significant help on days when ‘keeping things together’ feels like chasing a wild-goose- impossible. All you need to do is calm yourself down, pick a coffee, relax your bones, and read through the suggestions below. 

Accept Yourself 

Separation is a phase of your life and not your life itself. To keep your mind focused, you first need to acknowledge your feelings and respect them the way they are. Understand that every emotion you feel has an obvious point of existence, and there is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. It’s important to know that to keep things together; you first need to keep yourself from falling apart. Allow yourself some time to accept your mistakes instead of finding a distraction or escape. 

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At times, people are highly expected to find a distinct escape at work while not being able to manage their personal and professional life separately. This can be fruitful to a certain extent, but only if you’re looking for a way to avoid your to-be-ex and not a way to avoid your feelings. There is no point in running from what you really feel because no matter what, one day, you’ll have to face them all like a mirror. So give yourself a chance to eliminate the negatives from your mind in order to make space for the positives. Once you can do so, your partner’s presence at work would no ore be an issue. 

Share your concerns

It’s not always a bad idea to share your life with your senior. Of course, you can avoid serving dramatic details in the salad, but to get a tip at the end, it’s essential to serve the meal of truth. Well, with tip, we do not mean a piece of advice or so. When you let your concerns out to your boss, they get an insight into your and your partner’s life and the stress you both are dealing with. 

This would not just make them corporate with the two of you being uncomfortable around each other but would also plant a sense of trust between you two. Their acknowledgment of the truth would also help them assign entirely different tasks to you two with the least interference from either. Additionally, if your company serves employee benefits packages, then you could also demand the support service regarding the same. 

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Maintain a line of limit

What to do when your marriage is falling apart? is a profound question to answer and cannot be explained in a sentence. However, one obvious thing that you must do is to draw a certain line of boundary between you and your to-be-ex partner. Until now, you might have understood that none of your actions or reactions can help you convince them to keep the bond. So now is the time to focus on yourself rather than them. 

Try to reduce the communication with your former spouse and find ways to keep yourself away from them. Why? Well, not for your ego, neither out of arrogance, but because of the fact that they can now ruin your peace of mind in no time, and that is not what you want for yourself. Prioritize your well-being, and you yourself would create a way out. 

Maintain the secrecy 

Be it in your workplace or in your circle, there would always be a couple of people with whom you’d want to share the status of your relationship. However, our recommendation to you is to not go too frank with the details. Highlights should be quite enough for them to stop mentioning your partner’s name in common conversations. 

Maintaining secrecy, especially at work, would help you avoid overhearing any bitches or comments on the back. Learn to be ok with people not knowing your side of the details. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. 

Prioritize your needs

When people ask, my marriage is falling apart, what can I do? the fear of losing a bond seems highly visible on their faces. It’s good to value relationships, but one must understand that valuing others at the cost of yourself is not worth it. The stress and regret from separation are profound enough to convince them about saving the relationship at the cost of losing themselves. 

However, that is truly not the way things are meant to be. Before anybody else, one must learn to prioritize themself in order to withstand any phase of life. After so much stress and emotional flow-out, it’s high time that you start taking good care of your mind. 

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Pamper yourself and do everything that delights your mind. Take mini coffee breaks from work, watch a movie, join a gym, go to parties, meet new people, socialize, and everything that can be a pleasurable treat to your mind; you should now make it happen. Once you start feeling good about yourself, there is no turning back to your partner. 

Take a break if needed

The first thing to do when your marriage is falling apart is to collect yourself back and stand strong. Despite all the efforts, if you’re unable to have your focus on work and your to-be-ex partner’s presence is bothering you more than ever, ask your boss for a few days off and plan a little break out of the town. A change in place and a little break can help you feel refresh and focused. So once you’re back, you’ll be able to have your mind in-charge. 

Have a support system 

Not every fight is meant to be fought alone

Regardless of how strong you are, both mentally and physically, you’ll still need an ear to cope with things. Be it a family member, a co-worker, or your best friend, someone who understands and respects your worth is essential to pass a depressing stage of life. 

With a support system beside you, your life at work in the presence of your partner would feel way easier and smarter than in the past. Get yourself someone whom you can blindly trust upon with your words without feeling judged.  

We hope this blog answers you well about what to do when marriage is falling apart. With relevance to the above points, you must consider bringing in certain changes to the way you respond to things at work. Gather yourself, and everything else will soon get spaced.