How to Focus on Career After a Breakup?

June 4, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

No matter how much effort you make to keep your personal and professional life separate, losing focus on the career is the first thing a breakup strikes at. Break-up-related stress interferes with one or other with regards to your professional life. While a day or two days of lack of focus at work post-break-up is normal, but if it extends, then you’ll have to address it. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your job and further making your life miserable. 

In this article, we have rounded up proven tips to separate your work performance from your breakup. So, read on to find out how to do working through a break up:-

Speak to Your Boss

First things first, one can expect the work enthusiasm levels to be the same post the emotional turmoil. Work productivity is bound to suffer, no matter how much you try to keep yourself distracted away from the thoughts of divorce. Thus, you can’t keep your personal life situation within you. Therefore, it is best to speak with your boss about this. Before that, ask yourself will your boss take it positively? Are you comfortable discussing your problems with your boss? 

There is no right or wrong to these questions; it’s all about your gut feeling. You might be surprised to know your boss will support you during this time with a much-needed week off to gather yourself and regain your focus. Well, before you indulge in a discussion with your boss, you need to know the motive of the discussion, what you want him/her to commit.

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Organize Your Schedule Well

As your routine begins to change, your partner not preparing breakfast for you, your habits at work will be changed. For instance, you used to have long phone call discussions with your ex whenever you were free at work. Now, you’ve to find something else to do during your free time, like indulging in a conversation with your co-worker. 

Stand up and grab a cup of coffee. Before the end of the workday, you need to note down all the priorities for the next day. By doing so, you’ll stay productive and focused during your tough times. 

So, how to focus on yourself after a breakup?

If you use to go out with your ex after work, then you’ll have to find friends to hang out for a jug of beer, rather than feeling depressed at home. You can schedule dinner or a movie with some of your co-workers to get your mind off the breakup for a while till you emotionally recover. Indulge in activities such as morning running or join a gym to recover faster from your breakup.

Think of Work as a Distraction

How to deal with a break-up at work? The answer is work could be the perfect distraction if you want to get rid of your emotions around the breakup. The more you focus on your work, the less time you have to think, and faster healing. However, that doesn’t mean you should suppress your emotions, let them out as quickly as possible because, without them, you won’t recover mentally. Accept what happened, think about it for a while, and move on with life. There are so many good people out in the world. 

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Even if you don’t feel like working, keep the distraction by talking with your colleagues. Turn off your smartphone, and ignore all the messages other than the work. Get yourself involved in the ongoing office activities. This way you’ll be able to detach yourself from all your life stresses & worries.

Reorganize Your Desk

Try something new to bring back the lost focus. If you’re having the picture of your ex on the desk, then get rid of it. 

Instead, photos of your favourite football players, add plants and inspirational quote hangings to spell new life on your desk. 

You can even ask your seniors to change your seating position to refocus on work. 

Keep a Journal

 Maintaining a journal about the struggles post-break-up is an effective idea to reduce some pain. Moreover, a journal will help you track your healing; you’ll find that each day you are recovering. When you pen down your thoughts, you do not imagine things like your brain, like would I be able to find someone ever? 

A journal helps in clearing your perspective about the divorce. Also, you’ll know whether there is a need to patch or not. If your lady was cheating on you, then why the emotions? Why caring so much about the relationship that your ex didn’t care about?

Finally, focusing on yourself after a breakup is necessary. Stay positive, break up instead of the end of the road. If you stay focused on your career, good things will happen in your life, and you never know when you will find someone special. If you have been through a divorce or breakup recently, let your thoughts out in the below comment section!

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