4 Dos & 3 Don’ts for Dating During a Custody Battle

May 10, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Fighting for child custody is unarguably the most physiological challenging battle that some people have to, unfortunately, face in their life. While most couples figure about the custody deal mutual, some cases require the family court’s interface to resolve the matter. Once the matter is in court, there is no scope for the slightest mistake, and it could affect your visiting rights. 

Are you in the middle of a child custody battle? Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right article, as here we enlist the dos and don’ts of dating during your custody battle. So, Ready to Find Out:-

Do 1:  Cooperate With your Ex

One of the most crucial tips for dating during a custody battle is still cooperating with your ex. Yes, you’ve found someone whom you think is far better than your ex, but there is no need to remind your ex about this multiple times. Instead, you should coordinate with your ex and adhere to all the temporary court orders regarding who will be taking care of the kid when and how. 

Even if you hate your ex, you’ve to go that extra mile in cooperating with your previous partner, as it demonstrates how willing you are to ensure your child’s wellbeing. The judge will be more sympathetic towards you if you show the urge to work with your ex. 

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Do 2: Make a Plan

The judge will expect you to provide a plan on how you’ll take care of your child and manage your new relationship if you are rewarded with custody. You must sit down with your attorney and prepare answers to some of the most prevalent questions that may be asked by the judge and the lawyer of your ex. 

For instance, the judge can inquire about your living arrangement, financial preparedness, and child’s education. Be sure you’re ready for everything.

Do 3: Be Involved in your Child’s Life

Yes, not just meeting their financial needs; you should get yourself involved in the life of your child also at an emotional level. 

The judge can investigate whether you have a meaningful relationship with your child. Do you know your child’s headteacher? Have you met your kid’s friends? Do you help with their homework? 

 If you’ve established a stable relationship with your new partner, you can introduce your child to him/her.  

Do 4: Read the Family Law

It is highly recommended to educate yourself with the family laws regarding child custody and dating. 

The child custody laws vary from one state to another, and your attorney can provide you with the most up-to-date information on custody of a child. 

Don’t 1: No Exposure To Multiple Partners

Well, you are back in your teenage days and exploring life to the fullest by dating multiple individuals and having a lot of casual sex, but when your kid is around this. Unless you’ve found someone with whom you wish for a long-term relationship, then it’s okay. You must introduce your child to your new girlfriend or boyfriend as much as possible to avoid displaying your glimmer of perceived instability. 

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The attorney of the opposite may use this to their advantage and strengthen their child custody request in the court. First, discuss your attorney regarding dating during a custody battle, and then move ahead with searching for a new partner who can inject fun and excitement into your life.

Don’t 2: Child Custody and Living With Girlfriend

If you live with a new partner, it doesn’t mean that the judge will reject your request for child custody. However, if you are battling challenging child custody, then it is highly advised that you should not move in with your new partner. 

If your ex feels that the child living with their previous partner and their new partner is not in the best interest, then proving your ex wrong would be baffling. So, it is best if you hold onto the idea of moving in with your new partner until the child custody case is done and dusted. 

Don’t 3: Never Ignore Your Instincts

Agree or not, there would be a time when your gut feeling will tell you that it is not the right time to make your child meet your new girlfriend/boyfriend. 

So, you must ignore any red flags in your relationship. If you think it is not long-term, why let your child get attached to your new partner. 

Let’s Wind Up

In the end, you must follow the advice of your attorney before you re-enter the dating game once again or expert opinion on child custody living with a boyfriend. And, after a lot of research and lawyer’s advice, take the next step cautiously, as one mistake could prove to be costly. 

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