6 Child Custody Tips For Fathers

May 8, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Child custody is challenging for each and every person involved in the process- whether it’s the mother and father who are battling the custody or the children who are too young to process the whole situation.

However, there are times when we simply overlook the kind of mental stress and pain fathers go through, think ‘Men don’t feel the pain.’  Isn’t it?

Father to face challenging situations during and post child custody. More so, if they do not know what the aspects that need to be taken care of. Hence, we have put together a handful of tips that can be helpful to fathers going through child custody battles.

1. Have an Active Presence in Your Children’s Lives

Whatever be the current situation of your relationship with your partner, never let that impact your relationship and closeness with your child(ren). Remember, your active presence will help your child in understanding the situation and prepare for the worst situations.

You might have always been the first love of your daughter and the first superhero of your son. Don’t let the annoying stress in your relationship and the legal custody battles deteriorate the bond you share with your child(ren).

Spend as much time as you can and show them that you actually care about them by committing a constant involvement in the upbringing of the child(ren).

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2. Be Honest About Everything

Even if your child is of very tender age, be completely honest about the situation and the consequences. Though that doesn’t mean to scare your child with all the details regarding the legal custody war, you are going through.

You can educate your child about the happenings in a way that they can learn the gravity of the situation in a mature manner and are strongly prepared for anything that comes their way. Also, being honest about each and every aspect will help you build a strong bond and win the child’s confidence- something that would be of great help in your child custody battle.

3. Don’t Manipulate Child(ren)

Using your child as a weapon to win the custody battle is the last thing you would want to do as a  father. By manipulating their minds, you might be able to win the custody, but that won’t help you in long in keeping your relationship alive. 

Don’t force your child to be in a spot during the court hearing. Choosing a side or answering who as a parent was wrong in a particular situation would just scare their little minds and might leave permanent stains on your relationship with them.

4. Be Selective In Trusting Anyone

It’s okay to have trust issues while you’re going through one of the most critical court battles of your life. Take extreme care before trusting anyone except your attorney. 

Given the fact that you and your partner are both trying your best to gain child custody, there are chances of becoming a victim of a conspiracy. You never know how a post on social media or how a text message can be used right against you in the court, and you might be just left astonished at how things have been manipulated. 

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So, be extra cautious while taking any step and trusting anyone through this period.

5. Consider Yoga and Meditation

What you think, you become.


Your emotional and mental state would highly be disturbed during this course of time, and it’s pretty natural. The best you can do to keep your body, mind, and emotions in place is to meditate and perform yoga.

Though you might find it a bit boring, it would yield results that you might not have expected. You will be able to calm your mind and emotions, helping yourself think and prepare better for the custody. You might want to consult a professional yoga trainer or meditator who can guide you with particular yoga asanas and meditation sessions that would be right for your mental situation and help you balance your thoughts.

6. Consult Other Fathers Who Have Been Through Child Custody Battle

It’s true that not every lock has the same key, but there is nothing wrong with sharing your story with someone who has been through the same state and learning how they made it through. You might not want to implement each and every step they took, but it will inspire you not to give up.

Sometimes, you might also gain some tips to win the battle or at least achieve a better balance between your mind and emotions.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being super cautious about everything you do. As a father, you might be pretty emotional about your child’s custody. But don’t let those emotions get over you and force you to make decisions that you might regret later. One wrong step will simply inject bitterness and toxicity into your child-father relationship and potentially take you miles away from winning the custody battle. So, be honest, patient, cautious, and confident throughout the period. Let things fall in place naturally.

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