Cheating Wife Signs: 31 Obvious Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

June 25, 2021

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Most of the time it’s the men who have to wear the burn of committing infidelity. But, is it the same for all the cases? Not necessarily! There can be times when it’s the male that has been absolutely loyal to his wife, but the same level of loyalty is not reciprocated.

Cheating husbands aside, wives too can be the reason behind the broken relationship due to infidelity and this needs to be considered well before making men bear the brunt every time.

Since we have always been believing this myth “It’s always the men’s fault”, it can be difficult to figure out how to learn if it’s the wife who has been cheating. So, what are the signs that you as a husband should be looking for? How to learn when the wife has turned to an adulterous wife from a faithful one?

Well, we understand that it can be difficult to pick up these signs when you’re madly in love with the person and have zero trust issues. To help you catch up on these signs, whenever they start appearing, we have listed out 31 warning signs that you should be taking care of.

1. She Protects Herself Like Crazy

Yes, privacy in today’s socially connected digital world is imperative. But, if she increasingly becomes nervous whenever you reach anywhere near her smartphone, she’s probably hiding an affair. 

If she doesn’t let her cell phone roam around freely in the house like yours. Or she takes her cell phone with her even to the washroom. Or she tends to get pretty conscious about leaving her cell phone or other gadgets in order to guard her privacy. You need to be alert because there might be chances of your wife keeping something from you.

Thankfully, there are several monitoring apps too that you can use to track their cell phone activities, right from WhatsApp read receipts to contact list monitoring. Note that in some states, it is illegal to use such tracking apps and software, so be awry before implementing it. We recommend confronting her instead.

2. She is Lying About Small Things

Sometimes small lies are made to guard one big fat lie. Last week, she said, she went to her friend’s house, whereas her friend has been out of town for a month. She said she was stuck on her way back home, but the traffic app showcases that the roads were all clear. 

You must not ignore these lies, as they may be protecting something sinful, something that you need to take care of at the earliest.

3. She is Strangely Working Out

Have you recently come across something new about your wife? Maybe she has started hitting the gym or going to pilates classes more often than before. It’s more strange when your wife is not a serious fitness freak who loves maintaining a fitness regime.

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But, if she is someone who doesn’t like the thought of working out to a larger extent or doesn’t invest too much time in visiting a dietician or fitness coach, then the sudden change of being super health-conscious shouldn’t be unnoticed. 

This may be because of some Justin or Mike at her office, she is trying to impress or she is meeting her new hook-up at the gym. If that is the case, ask her if she would like you to accompany her to the gym sessions. If she agrees, then there might be lesser chances of worrying. 

4. She is Going Out With Friends You Never Met

There is nothing wrong with having a separate social life, even in married life, but if she is going out with friends you barely know, she might be meeting her new man. 

To have a better idea, you should call her old best pals to find out who your wife is hanging out with. Is it the girls in the next block or an unknown man?  Ask her to invite her friends over for dinner, and you’ll be able to get a better idea of the whole situation.

5. Irregularities in Bank Account & Credit Cards

While, you can’t track every spending made by your wife, but you should keep a tap on the big ones, which can help you in clearing your doubt of cheating. 

Does she become anxious and start sweating whenever you sit down with her to plan the monthly expenses or inquire about the monthly expenses? Is she making payment via cash, rather than her plastic money? Is she hiding details about her spendings lately? All these signs suggest you have to be alerted and commence monitoring your wife’s spendings.

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6. She Avoid Your Friends

One of the most obvious signs of cheating wives is that they escape from their husband’s social life. If you don’t want to be a part of your poolside parties, then this could be a real clue that she has found someone else to make her happy. 

Further, friends can easily spot something different in your wife’s behavior, and this is something you want to avoid. To find out, throw a dinner for your best pals. 

7. She is Angry With You All the Time

Remember, the last time she was angry with you was half an hour back? Does she get mad with you all the time, and most importantly, is this a significant change in her behavior? She might be doing this to cover up for her sinful activity and justify her thing.

8. She Spends Less Time With You

The wife is the husband’s best friend; couples do so many things together. But, recently, she doesn’t want to talk to you, right? Mental divorce is one of the biggest reasons for physical cheating. So, if you are making efforts to spend quality time with your wife, while she is looking to avoid you, then the time has come to track her.

9. She Is Not Making Planning For Big Purchases

All of us have a continuous wish list, you probably want to buy a new car or get a jacuzzi in the washroom. But, your lady is having no interest whatsoever, unlike earlier, she is not making any vacation plans, purchasing a bigger apartment, renovation, and so no. this is not because she is happy and satisfied with you, rather she knows one day she will tell you about her extramarital affair and take a divorce. 

10. She is Lazy At Doing Domestic Errands

A wife takes immense pride in preparing delicious food for her husband and running all the household errands, no matter if she is a homemaker or a corporate wife. 

But, a woman who has checked out her husband mentally, then finds no pleasure and energy in doing the household stuff.

11. She is Not Jealous With You

Every woman becomes jealous when her husband starts interacting with ladies, even her best friends; it’s obvious. 

However, if your wife is allowing you to have a long chat with the girl next door or has no interest in a social media friend list, then it’s not because she trusts you, instead, she is slightly kind of embarrassed for cheating on you.

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12. Your Wife Act Bored All The Time

Sometimes this may be because of work pressure or depression. Other times, she has mentally resigned from the marriage, if this happens for a length of time. While you are making efforts to grow your family tree, she is planting seeds somewhere else. 

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13. She Doesn’t Say I Love You

Marriage isn’t just about physical intimacy, it’s also about expressing love & affection for one another, and saying those magical words “I Love You”  now and then. There needs to be a special occasion when she says. 

But, she is laterally not saying I Love You, then the odds are high she may be cheating on you, at least mentally. 

14. Putting More Efforts into Her Appearance

Wow, she has suddenly become conscious about her looks and started wearing sexier clothes. You should take note of this if it is not to impress you. 

Although it is no guarantee that she is cheating on you, it could be a warning sign he may be. 

Ask yourself whether they are trying to look good for anyone else, you will find the answer within you. 

15. Physical Intimacy Decreasing

One of the probable signs she’s cheating is the lack of physical intimacy from her end. Have you discovered cuddling, hugs, and kisses have not been as passionate as they used to be? While, intricacy sometimes decreases with time in a relationship but if it has completely faded away, then your concerns may be true. She no longer wants to have sex with you because she is being satisfied by someone else. 

16. Too Busy For You

How to tell if your wife is cheating? Had she become too busy, then she might have lost interest in you. She barely has time for you, claiming she has a work schedule, and on weekends, she steps out of the house to run errands. Last-minute calculations for spending together have become more and more common.

17. Being Flirty with Others

If your wife is often flirting with other men, even when you are around, this means she doesn’t respect your feelings. It doesn’t mean she is having an affair with a particular man she is speaking to, but the odds are high that she is in pursuit of an extramarital affair. So, this is one of the alarming signs that you need to worry about. 

18. Your Family No Longer Matters to Her

Are you getting that vibe that the people who are most influential in your life are no longer important to her? Why? She is probably losing feelings for you and having an affair behind your back. In addition, she is doing so because she is feeling guilty for cheating on you; she avoids meeting your family at all costs. 

19. Eyes Don’t Lie

Our old-timers truly say our eyes never lie. Shifting eyes could be one of the most prevalent signs of a cheating wife. A wife who sincerely loves you, would look straight into your eyes, and express her feelings. But, during the intimate moments, she is shifting her eyes, then your wife may be cheating on you.  

20. Avoiding Questions

If your wife is avoiding simple questions that couples ask each other throughout the day, then she is hiding something. 

In addition, she may act defense cyl or aggressively, if you persist with the questions. 

These questions could be as simple as where you have this afternoon, or how was your day in their office? 

21. She is Nagging

Wives who are seeing other women often tend to nag,  as they shift from harmonious communication. This is regarded as the best time when will lash out & pick arguments, even at the minutest provocation. It is one of the ways of self-proving her deed is right, as the relationship isn’t working out. 

22. They Give You More Gifts

Yes, gifts in a relationship are essential. But sometimes cheaters do it to cover their mistakes. It is a means to reassure them that they still love, and ignore the signs of cheating. 

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23. No Relationship Issues

Every couple’s life has some kind of issues surfacing now and then. But, if all such issues have suddenly vanished and there is nothing that concerns your wife. This could be a sign of chatting or the wife is in search of another man. 

24. She Accuses You of Cheating

Although it may sound weird, some cheaters tend to hide their extramarital affair by acting aggressive. They want to take all focus away from them, so that you are under pressure, and overlooked her warning signs of cheating. 

25. She Cheated in the Past

If your wife cheated once, she might find the reason to do it twice. Several studies in the recent past suggest that women tend to cheat more than once. However, the tendency of not having faith in your wife who once cheated earlier is not right, so we suggest you should strike the right balance, and move ahead. 

26. She Now Has a New Hobby

Whether it’s learning to play guitar or play hockey, has your wife picked up a new habit? Maybe she wants some space where you could meet her new mate. Or simply, she wants to clear her mind off the insecurities. Often cheating wives don’t want their husbands to be involved in their new hobby and want to spend time separately. The new hobbies could also be cyber intimacy, online chat rooms, or porn fun. 

27. Low Self-Esteem 

A woman with low esteem has a higher sign of cheating. Friendly & casual chats, with a neighbor or co-worker, could turn into an extramarital affair if another man praised her or paid any attention to her. 

28. Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life crises could drive even a faithful wife, and into the arms of another or the bed. So, if she acts this way, then you need to stay by your side. Your wife needs your support during her midlife crisis, so don’t ignore it, give her the love and affection she deserves. 

29. Hanging with A Single Friend

When hanging out with single friends, she will meet several men. And, some men may hit on your wife, especially when your wife is also ready to go that extra mile and hies away her ring. Another sign of cheating is when she comes home and often forgets to put her wedding ring on. You can talk to her single friends, and ask if there is anyone in their group who is hitting on your lady.  

30. She Retracts to Another Room

Whenever the phone rings, she quickly heads to another and spends hours or alone on a laptop, then she may be in the middle of her relationship. While, if this happens in one or two days, then it’s absolutely fine, otherwise you have to be concerned. Never directly ask about this, but try to check to whom she is talking or what she is doing. If she appears perplexed and nervous, then be wary as she could be cheating on you. 

31. Gut Feelings

Last, but not least, let your guts take the final call. If your guts are saying something fishy, don’t ignore it, and make efforts to find the answer. Remember, one’s intuition in most cases is never wrong. But, we advise you to trust your guts to start tracking your wife, and once you have the evidence confront her. 

Let’s Wrap Up

If you discover any one or a combination of these warning signs that doesn’t mean your wife is cheating, it is merely a warning. You need specific proof to confront your lady red-handed. It is highly advisable during tracking down your wife’s infidelity, never disclose the matter to anyone, and until you are sure then only talk to your family. 

We hope that all our above signs of cheating are wrong in your case, and you enjoy a healthy, loving relationship with your wife. 

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Did we miss any warning signs of a cheating wife? Share with us in the below comment section, our readers would love to hear from you!