Careers That Can Complicate Divorce Proceedings

September 15, 2021

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Divorce is already a very complicated and challenging process. Moreover, your profession can make it more difficult. In addition, some of the occupations can be stressful. Furthermore, this stress can also complicate your marriage life and lead you to a situation of divorce. Hence, adding more stress and challenges to an already stressed situation. 

Careers That Can Complicate Divorce Proceedings

Military Careers

This job demands a lot of sacrifices. For example, people in this career have to stay away from their families for months. Hence they are not able to give proper time to their partner and children. Therefore, there is a lack of bonding within the family. Also, this job is very stressful and very mentally challenging. There are also other challenges like frequent reallocation and extended tours, which can cause divorce proceedings. People in the armed forces stay on duty for months, which will make divorce proceedings lengthy. 

Moreover, military personnel are more unlikely to get custody of their child after divorce. This is because of the unstable nature of the job. The Courts always hand over kids to someone who can be with the children most of the time. In addition, people in the military get various benefits from the government, like pension and healthcare benefits, which are considered assets. These assets are shared by the couple before the divorce and need to be debated during divorce proceedings. Hence, the process gets more complicated.

Airline Industry Jobs

Just like military jobs, people in the airline industry also face an unstable and stressful work-life balance. Pilots have, and flight attendants have to stay away from their families for days. Moreover, their working pattern is also uneven. Sometimes they have to work during the day and sometimes at night. Therefore, it gets challenging to keep things together in such a career. Moreover, if the judge has given you some time to stay together and reconsider your decision, it will also become very tough. Likewise, it will be challenging to complete divorce proceedings on time due to the nature of work. Also, getting custody of your child will be difficult. Moreover, it will add to your stress and leave you mentally exhausted.

Medical Careers

Being a doctor or someone in the medical industry is very stressful and requires hard work. Moreover, in the present time of covid, this job has become more stressful. Furthermore, doctors have to spend long hours in hospitals, keeping them away from their families. This also makes it difficult for them to handle their divorce proceedings. Moreover, doctors have to study a lot, even after completing their degree. This also leads to a lack of proper communication and understanding between the couple. Hence, it becomes challenging to handle divorce proceedings mutually.  

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Also, due to the stress of the job, the doctors cannot give proper attention and care to their families. The nature of employment and pressure creates a void between the partners. At one point, it becomes difficult to fill the gap and leads to divorce. Moreover, if both the partners are in this field, it becomes even more difficult for them to handle their divorce proceedings.

Service Careers

People in the service industry usually earn less. However, the job still demands lots of hard work and patience. Therefore, people within this industry struggle a lot. Moreover, they are usually youngsters and are financially unstable. Hence, the couple shares most of the assets like a house and car. Also, they are very protective of their assets. This creates a problem during divorce proceedings. Divorce proceedings can turn ugly when both partners try to prove ownership of their assets. Furthermore, it also makes the divorce procedure lengthy and troublesome. Likewise, there are other problems like accommodation. For people in the service industry, it is difficult to find housing that fits their budget. This also further slows down the process. 

Entertainment Industry

We usually hear news of actors getting divorced. People in the entertainment industry, like actors and influencers, have a high rate of divorce. Moreover, their divorce cases also lead to controversies which can complicate the divorce proceedings. To save their image in front of the public, sometimes actors file false charges against their partners. Therefore, a proper investigation is needed, which makes the divorce procedure lengthy. Moreover, actors usually have to travel a lot to foreign countries for shootings and promotions. Hence, they are not available to attend their divorce proceedings. This also complicates the whole process and makes it time-consuming. 

If you are from any of these professional backgrounds, you must get a free consultation from competent lawyers before you file for a divorce.

Other factors that can complicate your divorce

Hidden Assets

Valuation of assets plays a significant role in divorce. Child support, alimony, division of debt all these things depend on the value of your assets. Hence, to lower the alimony or child support amount, your partner may hide some assets from you and the court. These assets can be money in offshore accounts, investment in foreign countries, etc. Moreover, they can overpay their taxes, undervalue their business and income to hide the assets. To find the absolute value of the assets, you may have to do some investigation. You may have to hire a lawyer or a private investigator to help you see the actual value of your partner’s assets. All this requires a lot of time and money. Hence, it will complicate your divorce and can make your divorce ugly.

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Pregnancy can delay your divorce period and make it complicated. For example, in most states, you can not file for divorce if you are pregnant. Also, if you have already filed a divorce, you will have to wait until the delivery to finalize your divorce. Moreover, there will be other complications like the determination of child support and child custody. Also, if you are pregnant and have already filed for divorce, it will be difficult for you to attend divorce proceedings. Hence, delaying the proceedings and making the process lengthy. All this takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience. So you should never get pregnant if you want a divorce. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is the worst thing that can happen to a married partner. This not only complicates your marriage life but also makes your divorce complicated. Domestic abuse can come in different forms like sexual assault, domestic violence, and even financial abuse. These kinds of divorce cases need proper investigation. An appropriate investigation of police and medical tests are done in such divorce cases. This not only makes the process lengthy but also makes it expensive.  Moreover, in such cases, there is no chance of collaborative divorce. This further complicates the whole process. 

High Net Worth

High net worth can also make divorce complicated. Couples with high net worth have complex assets. Hence, the valuation of such assets is also challenging. The whole process of identifying assets, valuation of assets, and finally, the division of assets is very time-consuming and complicated. High net worth couples also have complex assets like trust funds, tax funds, and foreign investments. Hence, the valuation and division of these assets are not straightforward. Moreover, one of the partners may try to hide or undervalue their assets to save money. A proper investigation is needed from the court’s side and the partner’s side to check this. All this makes the separation of high net worth couples a very complicated process. 

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A feeling of revenge in divorce can make divorce very ugly and complicated. While negotiating the divorce settlement is highly complex, you should make a fair deal rather than taking more and more from your partner. A revengeful partner can file false allegations against their partner. Moreover, they can make negotiations very difficult. Likewise, they can file unnecessary petitions or challenge every petition that you make. Therefore, a revengeful partner can make a divorce proceeding very challenging and complicated. We should understand that no one wins a divorce. Both of them are losing a lot of things. If you have decided to part ways, you can end it on a happy and friendly note.


The involvement of kids in divorce adds up to the complexity of the divorce. Divorces of childless couples are usually straightforward. However, having kids involved in the divorce adds things like child support and child custody. Also, courts will take care of the child’s best interest and always put kids’ interests ahead of the parents’ interests. Furthermore, deciding on child custody and child support will also add to the divorce period. Moreover, if the couple has more than one child, their division is also a complex decision. 


An unfaithful partner can complicate your divorce very severely. Proving a romantic affair with your partner in court will take time. Moreover, you may have to hire a personal lawyer or a private investigator to collect proof. This will also add to the expenses of your divorce. Furthermore, an unfaithful partner may use alimony in their other romantic relationship. This asset dissipation affects the debt division, child support, and other financial aspects of the divorce. Hence, all this will make your divorce proceedings complicated. 

Thus, not only the careers that can hinder the divorce process, but also other factors like having kids where child support can involve the more documentation process. On the contrary, having a business together can also make your divorce complicated. There are huge impacts that can be seen in divorce cases when you own a business together or property as it further involves more decision-making, which can ultimately consume more time. 

However, there is always a way to overcome these problems by hiring a local attorney who can prepare you before these things come your way. So, it’s advisable to contact the attorney first and discuss all the factors priorly for the smooth functioning of divorce proceedings.